Designing a house can bring much joy but can also cause certain stresses when it comes to making decisions. Part of that design is found in shaping the outdoor space around your home. You want your outdoor area to bring relaxation and delight for not only yourself but for anyone else that you invite over.

Building a custom deck or patio can be the perfect addition to your outdoor space. Easy Living Patios works with you from start to finish through each step of the building process offering you not only our experience but also our guidance and advice to make sure that what you are looking for in your outdoor space comes to life.

What Should You Consider When You Are Thinking of Having a Custom Deck or Patio Built?

There are certain things that you should consider when you are thinking of creating a custom deck or patio. The first thing that you should do is sit down with a member of our team to create your overall plan. We will go over specific items with you such as what kind of space you have, what you want to use your deck or patio for, and your budget.

Another key consideration is the location and size of the deck or patio. As custom deck builders, we will be able to give you the best guidance as far as what the best options would be as far as where exactly in your outdoor area your deck should go but how big your deck should be. To make sure your dream is realised, you need a custom deck builder to be hands-on with you throughout these determinations. We understand that you desire to build something that will be architecturally appealing and fit in with the overall layout of your house and area.

As custom patio builders, we know the importance of time. A common question that we get from our clients is how long the overall construction will take. Regardless of how complex your design may be, our experience allows us to make a realistic determination regarding how long your project will take. This is the main reason why we pride ourselves in direct communication with you throughout the entire process. If something goes wrong or something may take slightly longer than we anticipated, you will never hear it from a third party because we are working directly with you.


Easy Living Patios is here to service all your custom deck or patio needs. As a family owned and operated business, we can offer you the personal experience and service that you need to ensure that your deck becomes a key part of your home and it is built to meet your standards.

For more information on our services as a custom deck builder in your area, please call us at 0423 078 323 or contact us for more details.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


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