For most amateur, weekend builders, the thought of building your patio may seem like a great idea. Creating a backyard space with your own bare hands certainly is enticing, yet many complications can arise in this process, causing frustration and more money being spent than you can afford. Especially with Summer coming up, you want to have a patio to enjoy time and the sun, without worrying about whether or not you will finish. That is why hiring professional, trained patio builders in Sunshine Coast can be such a lifesaver. While DIY patios in Sunshine Coast may seem easy enough, there is no better luxury than being able to bring in a masterful builder, who can build your patio in half the time. At Easy Living Patios, we have built professional, artisan patios up and down the Sunshine Coast, and if you are considering a patio in your garden, we are the people to call.


With over a decade building patios in Noosa, Caloundra and elsewhere in Sunshine Coast, we have built our brand on premier patio craftsmanship and top quality customer service. Our customers have been overwhelmingly satisfied, and our patios are built to last for years. Our patio builders are some of the best around, and here are just a few reasons why hiring one of our skilled craftsmen can help you.

Save Time: Building your own patio can take months with all the obligations you have in your life. Not finding time to work on a patio is frustrating and hiring someone specially dedicated to the project is a huge help. Our patio builders work quickly and efficiently, building your patio in no time so that you can start enjoying your new back garden sooner.

Affordable: Our services are surprisingly affordable for the product you are receiving. An investment in your home, a patio can boost property value, and we can work with your budgetary needs. This way, your new patio will not be breaking the bank.
Great Craftsmanship: With a decade of building patios on the Sunshine Coast, our work is of the highest quality. Our craftsmanship comes from many years in the business, and you are going to notice the difference it makes indeed. This way you can rest assured knowing your patio is of the best possible standard and could not be achieved by an amateur builder.

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If you are looking for a brand new back patio, there are no better people to turn to than us. Having worked building patios in Caloundra, Noosa, and all over the Sunshine Coast, we are the patio people for you. We have built a reputation for some of the highest quality patios around, and we are sure you are going to love your new back garden. Get in touch today to ask any questions you still have, or to get started on your new patio.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


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