For whatever reason a lot of the time you park your car in the driveway, leaving it exposed to the harsh Australian climate. You may have considered investing in a single carport or a large carport but wonder if it’s worth it. Well, like people and animals, vehicles also need shelter from environmental elements such as sunshine, rain and hail to prevent unnecessary degradation. At Easy Living Patios, we are qualified carport builders for the Sunshine Coast area who will custom design a carport to suit your home and give you more than just protection for your vehicle.

Various Uses of a Carport

As experienced carport builders, we have a vast knowledge of products and carport builds, therefore, will design and construct a custom carport that ties in with the style of your home. With over ten years in the building industry, we understand that there is “no one size fits all” when it comes to carports and have been hired to construct them for various uses.

Carports serve as an ideal way to be helpful to those who live by themselves as they are usually in close proximity to the house, so you no longer need to park on the street and leave yourself vulnerable at night as you walk up to the front door. Moving the car from being parked in the street to under a carport will also deter burglars and vandals as they are less likely to approach the vehicle when it is beside the house.

They provide the extra space you need for covered storage of items such as trailers, ATVs, motorcycles and BBQs which perhaps do not fit in the garage and it also means you don’t need to rent storage space for your leisure vehicles. The fact that carports provide overhead coverage also means that they are ideal as an outdoor play space for kids that is not in direct sunlight. Alternatively, they also add another room to your house that you can use as an outdoor porch for large gatherings or a quiet space to relax.

When they are constructed with open access, there is a convenience that you have when unloading your car and moving things inside. The lack of door makes it easy to unpack multiple bags of groceries and move them inside without opening and shutting garage doors. Finally, and perhaps the biggest advantage of investing in a carport is that they add value to your home when it comes time to sell. Buyers will see the carport and at the very least know that they can park their car off the road.


Just like your home is unique so are your reasons for building a carport. As custom carport builders, we will work with you to create a design that suits your needs as well as using quality products that are manufactured in Brisbane. You can be confident that the products used in the build will be robust and durable to withstand the Australian weather conditions.

We pride ourselves on having an experienced, qualified, and licensed builder as part of our team and you can rest assured that we won’t use any subcontractors in the building process. From the concept of design to building completion we aim to exceed your expectations so contact us today to get started on your dream carport.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


At Easy Living Patios, we share your passion for outdoor living. Let us transform your outdoor space into something special.


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