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Protect Your Vehicles with a Carport at Your Noosa

or Caloundra Home on the Sunshine Coast   Vehicles can take quite a beating from the elements when left curb-side with nothing overhead to protect them This is especially true in the harsh Australian climate, where the blazing heat and intense storms can damage your paint job, and... ... read more.

Easy Living Patios are Your Custom Deck and Custom Patio Builders

  Designing a house can bring much joy but can also cause certain stresses when it comes to making decisions Part of that design is found in shaping the outdoor space around your home You want your outdoor area to bring relaxation and delight for not only yourself but for anyone else... ... read more.

Find Builders for Wood Decking and Pool Deck Builders from Easy Living Patios

Wood decking is a simple and effective way to get the most out of your property Many beautiful homes in Queensland can be easily upgraded by working with deck builders to create an elegant home addition Timber’s versatility allows it to match any need you have–virtually any shape, size,... ... read more.

Let New Outdoor Decking Revitalise your Noosa, Buderim or Sunshine Coast Home

If you wish to breathe new life into your unused or dull outdoor space, then look no further than our outdoor decking services At Easy Living Patios, we live up to our name by creating and building a custom deck that lets you live easy in a space that was previously unusable and lacking in... ... read more.

How Decks and Patios Help Noosa Homeowners Improve Their Value on the Sunshine Coast

If you’ve been considering whether to add a deck or patio to your home, there’s no better time than now, with summer just around the corner After all, a backyard space like a patio or deck offers much more than just a place where you can have a cup of coffee in the morning or sip... ... read more.

Custom Patio Construction and Installation by In-House Builders at Easy Living Patios

You bought your house because of the breathtaking backyard The previous owners were landscapers who turned the private outdoor living space into a beautiful garden with pebble pathways, a pool, and ample tree cover You imagine enhancing the backyard to enjoy rainy days as well as sunny... ... read more.

Experience Easy Living with a High-Quality Sunshine Coast Custom Pergola Builder

Whether summer is a distant dream or just around the corner, it’s always the perfect time to upgrade your yard You know the sun gets intense for outdoor enjoyment, so to make the most of outdoor weather in style, choose a custom pergola built to be the right fit for your home There are a... ... read more.

Easy Living Patios Builds Single and Double Car Ports in the Sunshine Coast

Having quick and easy access to your car is a great commodity all year round A carport can add to the ease at which you can get into and out of your vehicle at any time It is important, however, to build the right kind of carport as they are certainly not a “one size fits all”... ... read more.

Why a Single, Large or Custom Carport will Benefit you – Contact Qualified Sunshine Coast Builders Today

For whatever reason a lot of the time you park your car in the driveway, leaving it exposed to the harsh Australian climate You may have considered investing in a single carport or a large carport but wonder if it’s worth it Well, like people and animals, vehicles also need shelter from... ... read more.

The Perks of a Covered Outdoor Back Patio for your Backyard

People from all around the globe move to Australia to enjoy time in the gorgeous Australian sun, which is unlike anywhere else in the world We are very blessed to have world-renowned natural features such as gorgeous beaches and miles of untapped plains and living in Australia; you want to... ... read more.

The Advantages of Hiring Patio Builders in Noosa, Caloundra, and Sunshine Coast

For most amateur, weekend builders, the thought of building your patio may seem like a great idea Creating a backyard space with your own bare hands certainly is enticing, yet many complications can arise in this process, causing frustration and more money being spent than you can afford... ... read more.